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Date Posted: Thursday, October 29, 2015
Posted by: Tanya Zanfa (Master Admin)

Porcelain surfaces: outdoor living solutions

Porcelain surfaces: outdoor living solutions

Taking care of the outdoor spaces around the home can be an immersive, satisfying experience, allowing homeowners to give free rein to their creativity with a few carefully thought-out touches of architecture and design. 

Numerous furnishing accessories can transform outdoor spaces both large and small into corners of comfort and relaxation for the whole family and for receiving friends; but it is above all the choice of outdoor surfaces that focuses our vision of design in the home.

The choice of outdoor surfaces determines the principal form of communication between the building and the land, but also between indoors and outdoors; a visual link that may be uniform and harmonious, or dissonant and intentionally in contrast.

In the first case, our overall perception will in all probability not underline the construction, as it will form a harmonious whole with the environment around it; in the second case, on the other hand, we will draw attention to the building, which will stand out from its surroundings.

Porcelain surfaces: outdoor living solutions 
Ariostea helps us to decide between the two alternatives with a vast range of outdoor porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles based on natural materials, such as those inspired by stone, wood, marble and other materials (pewter, diorite, ash, mud), can easily blend into their surroundings. 

Monochrome tiles and textures that look like cement, such as the Ultra Icementi line, produce a result that underlines the contrast between the building and its surroundings, even while maintaining the reference to elements inspired by nature.

A line of Ariostea porcelain tiles represents a rapid laying solution capable of solving all the problems typical of outdoor pavements and wall coverings: the CM2 line of outdoor paving tiles, suitable for urban and residential spaces alike.

Porcelain surfaces: outdoor living solutions 
very easy product to lay, even over sand, gravel or grass, offering all the exemplary properties of porcelain: stability, unalterability, resistance to atmospheric agents, to thermal dilatation and to the frequent stress typical of the outdoor environment.

CM2 porcelain tiles require only minimal maintenance; if it is necessary to inspect or work on underground installations, as in the frequent case of modification of underground utilities, CM2 porcelain tiles can be simply repositioned.

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