Topic: Outdoor Fireplaces

Date Posted: Monday, December 09, 2013
Posted by: Judy Walker (Master Admin)

Convenience of a Modular Outdoor Fireplace

Convenience of a Modular Outdoor Fireplace

When you entertain guests and have cookouts on your outdoor patio or backyard, having an outdoor fireplace can make things a lot easier and enjoyable. A modular outdoor fireplace is one of the most popular types with homeowners. This type of fireplace is built by assembling different components. The components are usually two vertical sides and a back. A headstone or horizontal lintel is placed on top of the back and above this lintel, you can keep a mantel shelf or you could opt for other components that are horizontal or modular additions.

Why is a modular outdoor fireplace more convenient than other fireplaces?

With so many different fireplaces to choose from, why do many homeowners prefer the modular type? They are safe, economical and efficient. A plus point is that they look great outdoors! Here are a few reasons why modular fireplaces are so popular:


Compared to custom-built fireplaces, modular fireplaces are light and easy to transport or move to another spot in your outdoor space. This is a great advantage as you can easily move it if you want to redesign your outdoor space. It will not get in the way of your outdoor make-over project.


Compared to traditional fireplaces, a modular outdoor fireplace is much more affordable.  While costs can vary significantly based on the quality of the materials, they generally cost about half of what other fireplaces do so you end up saving a lot of money while getting a great product for your home.

Low shipping costs

Due to the lightness of modular fireplaces, you do not need to spend a small fortune on getting one shipped to another city or state. They can be easily transported fairly quickly, without the hassle of ordering various components and materials in the case of a custom-built fireplace.

Easy assembling

Unlike other fireplaces, modular ones are quite easy to assemble. You may think that you are in for some long hard work, but it is not so. The components are fewer so it makes them easier to put together.  They also come with explicit, detailed instructions making it a fairly simple procedure.


if your patio or outdoor space does not mesh well with a traditional rustic fireplace, modular ones are bound to make your patio area look more modern. Your stylish patio will definitely make an impact on whoever sees it.   

If you are looking for a more contemporary fireplace, you should definitely opt for a modular outdoor fireplace. They are the perfect solution as they can be used throughout the year. They are durable, affordable and quite stylish, and you can definitely make good use of it this winter when you have friends and family over for dinner!     

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