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Date Posted: Friday, September 20, 2013
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Repairing Mortarless Pavers Compared to Mortared Pavers

One of the main problems household owners who have used pavers as their proffered flooring is repairing them. Some people tend to consult a professional which results in the whole area being replaced when it is not needed costing you a fortune.

Pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. They too can be laid in many magical patterns. Each different type of paver needs to be installed differently. The installation will also depend on where the pavers are being placed, for example; a patio, driveway or walkway.

There are mortar less pavers and mortared pavers each type requires their own repairing process. Let us now discuss the different ways of repairing the 2 different types and we will compare the two.

Mortar less Pavers Repair Guide

Firstly if you have spotted a cracked or chipped paver or some that may need replacing is wise to access the surrounding area to find out exactly where and why this problem is occurring. You must do this at least once a week access the area to ensure the safety of you, your guests, family and friends otherwise accidents may occur.

With mortar less pavers in some cases the damaged pavers have been affected by erosion or water damage. You may need to reconsider the sand base by using another product. Just by doing this simply you may fix the damaging problem. But remember majority of the time damaged pavers are affected by the unsettling ground which lies beneath the pavers.

A Simple Guide to Repairing Mortar less Pavers!

Tools you will need to begin repairing area; a coarse graded sand, level, mallet, broom and a shovel.

Now you should begin by removing all of the affected pavers. Then once you have removed them you can then begin to remove the sand ba se also. Reapply the new sand base which should be coarse because it compacts better. This new sand is also used so it will prevent future sinking or water damage.

Then once you have used a compactor on the new base replace the old pavers with new ones. Use your level to make sure their in line and flat.

Apply sand over the top of the newly laid pavers. Use your broom to sweep the sand into the joints. That’s it the repairing is complete.

Now let us discuss the repairing process for mortared pavers.

A Simple Guide to Repairing Mortared Pavers

Mortared pavers are somewhat different to mortar less pavers. Mortared pavers when installed are placed on a bed of mortar or masonry mix which binds the 2 together. Mortared pavers are known to stay in their place a lot longer and they are also know not to move and shift like mortar less pavers do.

Although the 2 are different their repairing process is very similar but different in many ways. Once you have begun to notice that there is a damaged paver you should see to it straight away. This will ensure the safety of yourself and others that use this area.

Firstly you should investigate the affected area to find out exactly where the problem is coming from.

Secondly you should then begin by removing the damaged paver. When you are removing the pavers you can use 2 instruments called a sledge hammer and a chisel to help you with the remove. A small tip would be try not to crack or break the pavers.

Once the pavers are removed you can have a better look and see if the problem is a low lying one. If so you will need to remove the mortar and replace it with concrete. If this is so you should leave the newly mixed mortar to set of several days before you replace the pavers.

When you replace the pavers make sure that you remove all traces of the old mortar. You can do this just by using your sledge hammer and chisel.

Overall Comparison

Both mortared pavers and mortar less pavers have their ups and downs. It all depends on your choice of application. If you plan carefully you may never need to replace or repair your damaged pavers. So really the 2 are very alike.

If so you can follow our simple guide on repairing both mortared and mortar less pavers. Enjoy the overall affects of your pavers!

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