Topic: Outdoor Living Ideas

Date Posted: Thursday, November 21, 2013
Posted by: Judy Walker (Master Admin)

Tips for Designing your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living areas are actually extensions of your indoor space. They provide both relaxation and entertainment. You can enliven your backyard in countless ways. Before you start designing your outdoor areas, decide what sort of space will work best for your needs. Are you trying to create a nice place to entertain your visitors or a quiet area where you can relax after a busy day at work?

Once you have decided how you intend to use the outdoor space, it is time to implement your projects.

Start with proper planning

Designing your outdoor living areas requires proper planning. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Build around a focal point

Create an attractive focal point for your outdoor space. It could be an ornamental pond or a small garden. All other arrangements should be around this special feature.

Consider building a deck

Decks have always been one of the most attractive outdoor living features. When built properly they not only provide enjoyment but also enhance the value of your home.

Install a fireplace

A source of fire attracts people. So, if you have the budget and space, consider installing a full-size fireplace in our backyard. Fire pits are more flexible and affordable. Don't forget to check building codes to understand rules regarding the placement of outdoor fireplaces.

Establish traffic patterns

A tiled or paved courtyard is another great feature. Establish traffic patterns by laying walkways or planting trees and shrubs.

You could also consider adding a water feature. For example, an ornamental pond will easily lend a soothing appeal to your landscape.

Include all possible seating options

Add all kinds of seating options including benches, chairs and even stools. That said, don't clutter your outdoor space with furniture. They will not only obstruct the traffic pattern but also make the place less welcoming.

Boost visual appeal

Water features and sculptures make outdoor living areas dynamic and interesting. You can also add a dash of color by placing pots of all sizes and shapes. You can use these pots for planting seasonal flowers. They add variety and make the space more interesting.

Shield the view

If you want some parts of your outdoor areas to be more private than other parts, consider planting dwarf trees and shrubs in that area. They act as excellent screening options.

Get equipped

Before you start redesigning your outdoor space, make sure that you have got the right tools. Appropriate tools will simplify the project and increase your efficiency.

For example, if you are planning to build a new deck, you should consider renting a saw from the local rental business. A tile cutter is a great tool for creating a courtyard.

Once you have redesigned your outdoor space, don't forget to personalize it. Add photos, fabrics and color that reflect your personality.

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