Topic: Outdoor Living Ideas

Date Posted: Monday, November 25, 2013
Posted by: Judy Walker (Master Admin)

How to Design your Outdoor Living Area

Every home has a living room for entertaining guests. Some homes may have two or more living rooms. For example, in many homes you will find a balcony with separate seating arrangements.

But what about having an outdoor living area? Thanks to the natural environment surrounding it, an outdoor living area offers more relaxation than an indoor living room.

So, if you are planning to create an outdoor living space for your family and your visitors we have a few tips to get you started.

Make sure you have enough space

Before you start working on your outdoor living room, make sure that you have got enough space to accommodate the type of design you want. As you know, the size of the space determines what you can place there.

Compliment your home

Your outdoor living room should compliment the architectural design of your home. When your indoor and outdoor living spaces compliment one another the entire home and its surroundings will look like one big unit. This oneness will make the outdoor living space much more inviting.

Choose the right kind of furnishings.

For the outdoor living space, choose weather resistant furniture. Rattan, wicker and similar materials are great for outdoor spaces. Choose colors that complement the colors of your indoor furnishings.

Consider natural elements.

While designing an outdoor living space, you need to consider the natural elements as well. For instance, the orientation of the sun and the prevailing winds in your area are very important factors. By considering these elements you can ensure that your outdoor living room will not be too cold or too hot during those times when you will use it.

Accent with landscaping

Good landscaping will complete your outdoor living spaces. Your landscaping, too, should compliment the architectural design of your home. Choose ornamental plants, flowers and landscape lighting that will make the outdoor space attractive. 

Location matters

Design your outdoor living space in an area with a great view. So, for example, if your house is close to a water body, let the outdoor living space face it. Outdoor living areas overlooking hills or flowerbeds also look very attractive.

Make it private

Although your living room is located outside, it can still bear some privacy. You can do this by planting dwarf trees or bushes around the perimeter. You may also consider placing some screen walls or decorative stones around it.

Get it covered

Place umbrellas, awnings and gazebos to shield you and your furniture from rain and heat. That said, if the outdoor living space is on the balcony, you don't have to provide any shielding.

Make it accessible

Your outdoor living space should be easily accessible from your home. Basically make it an extension from your indoors to your outdoor areas that blends nicely.

Consider your budget

Before you start designing your outdoor living room, consider your budget. It you are on a tight budget, you should consider building it in stages. Start with the patio and then have the landscaping done. Buy outdoor furniture after you have the main outdoor space completed.

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