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Date Posted: Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Posted by: Judy Walker (Master Admin)

A Guide to Designing Your Outdoor Living Spaces

A Guide to Designing Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Though a professional touch would always set the foundation of a highly desirable outdoor living space, it wouldn’t hurt if your personal outdoor living ideas could be integrated into the overall design. Since it’s your home, your preferred design will be a big consideration in the final touches of your dream outdoor living area.

Meanwhile, here are some points to consider when designing outdoor living spaces:

  • Put seasonal accessories. Just as we decorate the indoors with seasonal items, the outdoor space should never be left out. Any season that requires some prepping is an opportunity to add your unique touches and creative ideas for your outdoors.
  • Extra seats won’t hurt. A few extra seats won’t hurt in an outdoor space since you may be accommodating numerous guests whose numbers may vary from time to time. Find that extra space and just make sure there will still be room for moving around comfortably. You may also consider a variation of the seats you will provide for your outdoor space.
  • Drop the logs. Relieve yourself from the exhausting task of prepping up your fireplace with logs. A gas fireplace unit is the best pick for it requires simple installation, does not need ventilation and is fueled by gas, which is easily purchased at the local hardware store.
  • Play with color. The atmosphere that you want your visitors to experience in your outdoor living spaces should definitely be influenced by the color that you would choose. It may vary from your favorite color, a relaxing one, an elegant touch, or a vibrant finish. Prefer a semi-gloss finish for any color of your choice since it gives life to the painted areas.
  • Spot themes. A theme for your outdoor living space is a must, yet it would be more inviting to group or cluster your accessories. How? Pick a spot and let your creative juices work. A side table with a mirror, a glass, a bottle of wine, and all things breakable and reflective can be a theme. Make the most of every space. Turn it into a view worth lingering.
  • Add more features and amenities. Patio's, decks and the outdoor kitchen are the best areas to start crafting your outdoor living ideas. Try adding more amenities in these areas, like adding an extra counter, a mini-bar, an entertainment system, or fire features. Another great addition would be water features, such as table fountains and wall waterfalls.

Just take these simple guides into consideration when designing your dream outdoor living spaces to ensure truly functional and attractive amenities that will make your property stand out.

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