Topic: Water Features

Date Posted: Monday, December 07, 2015
Posted by: Tanya Zanfa (Master Admin)

Make a splash in your garden

Make a splash in your garden


ONE OF the most overlooked aspects of many home gardens is the power and beauty of a water feature. A small pond, fountain or flowing stream can bring many benefits to both humans and garden creatures, besides improving the aesthetics of the environment around the home.

Water features and fountains were a part of many gardens throughout the ages. Researchers have noted that Egyptian gardens dating back to 2800 BC were among the earliest planned gardens to include a pond. Gardens, such as those of the Italian Renaissance and French Baroque era all made use of key water features in their design. They ranged from small ponds and waterfalls, to large pools and streams that ran throughout the entire garden landscape. 

Care and attention was given to the placement and construction of landscape water features so that they seemed to be in harmony with the existing environment. 

But why? Why did some garden designers and owners, especially those of the wealthy class in ancient times, feel it important to include water features in their gardens? One reason may be that people realised the calming effect water had on human beings and so sought to bring this essential element of nature close to their own living spaces. 

The sounds of flowing water and the sight of a moving stream cascading gently over rocks is something that draws human beings to a garden space. We tend to experience a sense of peace and restfulness from being near the water. 

For instance the bubbling sound of a water fountain can help to mask the neighbourhood noise and make the time spent in the outdoors around your home more enjoyable. 

Another bonus is that having some type of water garden in your yard is the variety of wildlife that will surely visit your yard. Birds, small insects and other creatures will be attracted to the source of clean water that a pond or fountain provides. 

Adding plants and other flora like ferns, water lilies and flowers around your water feature will further enhance your space. 

Simple water features can help transform the space outside your home into a place of magical beauty that brings nature closer to you, especially if you live in a sort of concrete jungle. The vibrant life and soothing sound of rejuvenation from a gentle flowing stream, peaceful pond or gurgling fountain can transform the space outside your home into a living oasis. 

Adding a water feature to your yard is not as complicated or as time-consuming as we may think. In fact, the complexity of setting up a pond of fountain depends really on the imagination of the gardener. With just a simple ceramic or terra cotta pot, lined with plastic or waterproof sheeting you can set up a pond that small goldfish will be quite pleased to swim around in. 

Creating your own garden water feature is a fun and rewarding weekend project. The completed project, whether simple or complex, is something you will enjoy with family and friends for a long time. 

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