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Live outside the box by blurring lines between indoors, outdoors

One of the most radical precepts of midcentury modern design was blurring the dividing line between indoors and the outside world. Inspired by a philosophy that embraced and celebrated nature, Richard Neutra, Joseph Eichler, Rudolf Schindler and many other architects of their generation let the outdoors in with generous window walls, louvers and sliding glass doors. The approach made especially good sense in Southern California, where the weather… Read More >>

Living rooms move outdoors as ‘staycation’ popularity endures

Despite the slight lowering of gas prices this year, the “staycation” is here to stay. More and more Americans continue to spend their vacations at home. They are relining their nest to be more comfortable, and many are creating new living rooms — outdoors. Trends in home furnishings tend to move a little less rapidly than trendy apparel. It’s one thing to wear this season’s $34 dress to death, toss it at the end of summer, and move on to… Read More >>

6 sizzling outdoor living trends

Americans spent billions on outdoor living spaces each year. Where homeowners once would have added square footage with new construction, they now want to open the door and expand their living space into the great outdoors. The backyard can be more than a place to entertain or spend time with family and friends. For some, it’s a respite from the everyday. What are the trends for 2014? Read on the hottest ways to turn your back yard into an outdoor oasis. Read More >>

How to plan your outdoor living space

After such a rainy spring, it felt good to soak up some sunshine and summerlike temps this week. The best part? No more Seattle jokes (we hope). The warm weather inspires many of us to whip our overgrown backyards into shape.

But according to a report by the American Society of Landscape Architects, homeowners want more than just a neatly trimmed square of turf in their backyard. Outdoor living spaces, specifically kitchens and entertainment areas, received a 94.5 percent popularity rating in the most recent ASLA … Read More…