Topic: Outdoor Furniture

Date Posted: Tuesday, December 08, 2015
Posted by: Tanya Zanfa (Master Admin)

Patio Furniture That Makes You Feel Like You're Sitting On Giant River Pebbles

Patio Furniture That Makes You Feel Like You're Sitting On Giant River Pebbles


The most important thing to consider when designing patio furniture is how well it will withstand exposure to the elements. Fabrics fade, wood molds, and steel, though it lasts forever, gets too hot in the sun and then rusts in the rain.

Looking like something straight out of the Noguchi MuseumKreoo'sline of outdoor furniture seems to have been designed with the elements in mind: not only are their beautiful Pave Stone seats made of cooling marble, the shape also evokes images of river stones, one element of the natural world that only gets better the more it's exposed to water. Designed by Enzo Berti, the Pave Stones were inspired by the smoothing and rounding effect of the rover gliding over stones of the river bed. They come in two different shapes—streamlined, stretched shape and a simple drop shape—making them easy stack on top of each other. Kreoo even offers a set of heat-treated wooden "logs" that can be laid over top of the stone seats to create a rustic, make-shift bench.

The design arm of the Italian marble company Decormarmi, Kreoo offers a variety of marble patio furniture that are handcrafted by elite sculptors and stone masons in Italy. Other elegant and weather-resistant pieces include a flexible system of interlocking Moon tables, the modular Grove bench and the Vis a Vis, a floating chaise lounge. They can all be purchased on their website.

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